Best Boxing Glove Reviews: Heavy Bag Protection That Knocks Out The Competition

Best Boxing Glove Reviews (2019)

Whether you’re punching your way through a long cardio workout or training for a competition, having a great set of heavy bag gloves is absolutely essential. The best boxing gloves are comfortable, supportive, and resilient enough to keep you safe no matter how heavy a bag you use.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the best heavy bag gloves on the market right now. We’ll explain why we’ve chosen these pairs over the competition, and help you figure out which boxing gloves are the best choice for you!

Read on to see all our favorite pairs for your training sessions! Be sure to check out our Buying Guide at the end of the page, where we give you all our advice on choosing your perfect set of boxing gloves.

PictureProduct NameWeight OptionsColor OptionsCost
Twins Special Boxing Gloves (velcro)Twins Special Boxing Gloves (velcro)8 oz, 10 oz. 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 ozBlack, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow$
Title Gel World Bag GlovesTitle Gel World Bag Gloves16 ozBlack, Pink, Red$$
Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Training GlovesCleto Reyes Extra Padding Training Gloves12 oz, 14 oz, 16 ozBlack , Black (Extra Padding), Black (Regular Padding), Black (Extra Padding), Black (Extra Padding), Mexican (Regular Padding), Pink (Regular Padding), Purple (Regular Padding), Red, Red (Regular Padding), Solid Gold (Regular Padding), Tiger Orange (Regular Padding), Tiger Orange (Regular Padding), USA (Regular Padding), White (Regular Padding), Yellow (Regular Padding)$$
Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS600Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS60016 ozBlack, Blue, Red, White, Yellow$$$

Best Boxing Glove Reviews: Our Heavy Bag Champions

Twins Special Boxing Gloves (velcro)

Twins Special Boxing Gloves (velcro) Click for Price

These Twins boxing gloves are our least expensive recommendations for punching heavy bags. They may not be as well-made or well-fitted as the premium models we recommend, but they’ll keep you safe and comfortable for a very low price.


They’re very affordable. You can find these for less than $100, and that’s a bargain for what you get! The build quality and amount of padding are comparable to some more expensive options. These are a great choice for newcomers who want to stay safe without spending a fortune.

They’re real leather. They breathe and age just like the high-end models, though the fit and finish isn’t quite as good.

They offer plenty of padding and support, especially in the wrist. At the same time, they don’t feel bulky. They tick off all the basic boxes we look for in heavy bag gloves!

You can get them in a wide range of colors (and weights, though we suggest the 16oz version for heavy bags).


While they’re certainly affordable, they’re not the cheapest boxing gloves on the market. You probably won’t find them for less than $75. However, we think that the cheaper options are frankly dangerous to use. This is the least you can pay for something that can really protect you from a heavy bag.

They’re not as comfortable or as well-made as our more expensive recommendations. If you train regularly and can afford to spend more, we recommend doing so!

Title Gel World Bag Gloves

Title Gel World Bag Gloves Click for Price

These Title World Bag gloves are the only gel pair we currently recommend. Gel has a lot of promise, but it weighs quite a lot compared with the same depth of padding in foam. We suggest these Title gloves to boxers on a budget who need more protection than the Twins offer. They’re heavy, but they’ll keep you safe and sound for quite a few rounds.


As we’ve mentioned, they’re quite affordable–even though they cost more than the Twins above. We think they’re a good alternative for folks who need lots of protection but who can’t afford/justify high-end gloves like the Cleto Reyes or Winning models below.

They’re not just safe gloves–they hit well, with good feedback and pop. You can train very successfully with these, once you get used to the weight. They’re more than suitable for novices and intermediate folks.

They feature quite respectable quality for the price, with real leather construction and gel that stays put and retains its cushioning ability for the long term.


They’re heavy. The 16oz model actually weighs in around 20oz, thanks to the fact that they’re filled with gel rather than foam. You’ll find that you get tired a lot more quickly when you train with these.

They probably won’t last as long as Cleto Reyes or Winning gloves. They’re not as good on the quality control front, either. If you train often and hard, these will wear out quickly. That’s why we don’t recommend them to ambitious or passionate boxers.

These aren’t as good for your wrists as the more expensive options (which have flatter surfaces and better structure through the wrist area).

Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Training Gloves

Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Training Gloves Click for Price

These Cleto Reyes boxing gloves are our heavy bag recommendations to most buyers. They’re a perfect mix of quality and affordability for the majority of boxers. You can train hard and long with them and expect them to hold up to years of use. They’re comfortable, well-made and very safe.


They’re handmade in Mexico to an incredibly high degree of quality control. There’s a reason so many pros use Reyes gloves! These are premium in every respect.

They’ve got extra padding, compared to the standard Reyes offerings. There’s a full 2” in the contact area! Aside from the Winning gloves below (which cost twice the price), there’s nothing better on the market for working with heavy bags.

There are lots of color options, which isn’t usually the case with high-end gloves. With a pair like these, it’s nice to be able to personalize your investment!

They last for years and years. The leather, lining, and stitching are all rugged and flawless, so they not only last buy wear in over time to be great companions.

While they’re premium gloves, they’re still quite affordable. These are perfectly reasonable for newcomers to buy if you know you’re sticking with boxing, and they’re an excellent alternative to Winning gloves for passionate enthusiasts who just can’t afford our ultimate picks.


Most boxers will agree that these aren’t as good as the Winning gloves below. There are strong brand loyalties with these two manufacturers, though, so you’ll certainly find that some high-level boxers swear by Cleto Reyes gloves. In our opinion, though, the Winning gloves are more nimble, ergonomic, and secure–a worthy investment for those who want the best of the best. They also offer deeper cushioning.

Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS600

Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS600Click for Price

These Winning gloves are the best on the market when it comes to punching heavy bags. They’re rugged, comfortable, and better-designed than anything else we’ve reviewed to date. They’re wildly expensive, but there’s nothing better for passionate punchers who want the best of the best.


They pack even more padding than Cleto Reyes gloves, despite the fact that they’re no heavier! That’s down to Winning’s proprietary foam padding material, which we also love in their headgear. It’s springy and resilient without adding any real bulk.

They’re incredibly snug, without being uncomfortable. The lace-up design does make a difference compared to velcro, even though the Cleto Reyes wrist straps are stellar. This is as good as it gets for fit.

The Winning gloves also have standout wrist protection. That’s a key reason we think they’re worth the extra investment compared to the Reyes gloves for anyone with chronic pain or previous wrist issues.

They’re simply a joy to use, no matter how heavy your bag or how fast your opponent moves. They have excellent distribution of weight and protection that casual users may not notice but which experienced folks will absolutely love.

As with the Cleto Reyes gloves above, these Winning gloves feature impeccable build quality. They’re made in Japan, and are widely regarded as the gold standard.

While expensive, they’re worth the money if you’re a competitive boxer who’s training every day and wants the safest, longest-lasting option!


The only real downside to Winning equipment is the high cost. These are extremely expensive boxing gloves, and only worth the investment for folks who train every day.


Which of these boxing gloves should you get for your heavy bag training sessions?

The Twins are the best choice for beginners, and for folks on a tight budget. We also think they make a perfect second pair for those who have a set of sparring gloves they love but want an additional set for heavy bag sessions. They’re the cheapest gloves we think are appropriate for this kind of use. We recommend that more experienced folks (particularly those looking for an all-purpose pair) spend more, though.

The Title gel gloves are a good choice for folks who are on a budget but can afford to get something a little nicer than the Twins. These boxing gloves pack more protection and generally fit more comfortably. Casual users don’t need to spend more than this.

The Cleto Reyes gloves are our suggestion to the average buyer. They’re not wildly expensive, but they offer significantly better construction quality, protection, and comfort than the Title’s or the Twins. This is as much as most folks need to spend–even if you’re a passionate boxer who trains every day. However, if you want the absolute best of the best and can afford the investment, go for the Winning pair.

The Winning boxing gloves we’ve recommended in our top slot are very expensive, but they’re the obvious choice for passionate, dedicated, and ambitious boxers. They’re the best on the market by a long shot. Just make sure you’ll get your money’s worth from them!

Buying Guide

Stick To 16oz Gloves

When it comes to punching heavy bags, you want to make sure you’re wearing correspondingly heavy gloves. That’s why we’re recommending the 16oz models of all the pairs in this guide. You want that extra cushioning and density to give yourself plenty of protection.

Choose Your Fasteners

Boxing gloves come in velcro or lace-up varieties. Velcro is more convenient, while laces are more secure. We think that good-quality velcro fasteners are plenty secure enough for most users. That’s why we only recommend one lace-up model, for the most ardent hitters.

Don’t Skimp

Punching a heavy bag can be downright dangerous if you don’t have the right protection. There’s nothing under $75 that’s even remotely suitable for this kind of use. Don’t try and cut corners when you’re shopping for your new pair–you could end up seriously injured! Remember that your safety gear is a long-term investment in your health and happiness. Spending a little more up front to get high-quality boxing gloves is the best thing you can do to make sure you’ll be able to keep on hitting for years.

Stick To Real Leather

While cheap, synthetic gloves are everywhere these days, there’s no reason to settle for them. Real leather is far better in every department. It’s more breathable, it ages well, and it looks a hell of a lot classier–especially over the long term. The best thing is that leather gloves wear in and become specifically suited to your hands. Do yourself a favor and avoid the cheap imitations.

Decide On Your Budget

We’ve mentioned above that we don’t think any boxing gloves under $75 are suitable for heavy bag work. You’ll find that our recommendations start at around that mark, and run as high as $500 for the nicest pairs. Figure out how much is reasonable for you to spend. Remember that the more expensive the glove, the more protection and comfort features you’ll enjoy. That’s why folks with injuries should avoid the least expensive options. They may not have enough padding to keep injuries from becoming re-aggravated.

Think About Your Other Equipment

Will these be all-purpose boxing gloves, or a dedicated pair for heavy bag training? Some folks keep one pair for sparring and one pair for training sessions. Others prefer to have one pair they can use for everything. If you have a great set of sparring gloves already, it makes sense to buy a separate set that you can use for the bag. If you don’t already have dedicated sparring gloves, we suggest simply using your heavy bag gloves for everything. All the models we recommend (especially the more expensive options) are more than adequate for sparring as well as training on a bag.

What’s Next

We hope you’ve found our guide to the best heavy bag boxing gloves useful and informative. Now that you’ve reached the end, you’re ready to make a decision! When you think you’ve found your perfect fit, go ahead and click on the links in our reviews to check current prices, see size charts, and get yourself ready for your next training session.

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