Best Dip Station Reviews: Our Favorites For The Money

Best Dip Station Reviews

Dip stations are the best way to train all those upper body muscles that you don’t get to with pullups. Whether you’re doing straight dips, modified pushups, or other variations, the best dip stations give you a strong, flexible workout station you can use for taking those triceps and the rest to the next level!

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to bear in mind when you shop for a new dip station. We’ve also compiled in-depth reviews of our favorite dip stations on the market right now! You’ll find all our recommendations below, along with some helpful buying advice for users of all experience levels.

Read our guide all the way through to find your ideal new dip station!

PictureProduct NameWeight Rating
Titan Fitness HD Dip StationTitan Fitness HD Dip Station750 lbs31.35"L x 34.5"W x 39"H

XMark Fitness Dip StationXMark Fitness Dip Station500 lbs35.5"L x 23"W x 53"H$$
Body-Solid Commercial Dip StationBody-Solid Commercial Dip Station400 lbs 27"L x 53"W x 38"H$$$

Best Dip Station Reviews

Titan Fitness HD Dip Station

Titan Fitness HD Dip Station Click for Price

This Titan Fitness model is the least expensive dip station we recommend at the moment. It’s half the price of our next recommendation, and a fraction of the cost of the Body-Solid model we recommend as the ultimate dip station. The Titan isn’t as well-made or well-designed as the more expensive options, but it gets the job done safely for a very low price.


It’s very inexpensive. You can pick up one of these for well under $100, and that’s not even factoring in a sale. Sure, it’s a fairly generic import from China, but it gives you the same basic setup as much more expensive models.

While it can be a bit frustrating to get set up, it’s quite sturdy once it’s all together. This one has a massive maximum weight capacity, at 750 pounds! Now, we should stress that that’s probably an exaggeration or at least a very optimistic spec. The fact remains that this is surprisingly sturdy for the price range, though.

While there aren’t many frills, it doesn’t make you feel like you’re roughing it. The Titan includes plastic feet to protect your floors, making it suitable for use in living rooms and other non-gym spaces where you probably don’t have a protective mat down. There are also basic grips on the handrails.

Unlike a lot of other budget-priced options, it has plenty of clearance for doing weighted dips. You can easily use this with a belt and weights, without worrying about the floor taking out the slack with each rep.


It’s cheaply-made. The machining quality isn’t particularly good, so it can be a bit of a pain to get all the bolts threaded and secured as you’re setting up. That’s true of anything at this price, though.

We’ve also seen some reports of buyers receiving units without all the necessary hardware.

Due to the process of having to jimmy bolts into place, the assembled frame can be a bit wonky. It’s not enough to throw off your form, but it’s definitely not as optimal as the pricier models we recommend.

We’ve noted that it’s very sturdy for the price, but the fact remains that the Titan isn’t as rock-solid as our more expensive recommendations.

The handrails and cushions are decidedly less comfortable than the pricier models we recommend. The XMark below has larger handlebars, which are more comfortable for many people. Even the Body-Solid, which has comparable handlebars, has much nicer padding.

We don’t have the means to test weight capacity empirically, but we’re pretty sure that 750 pounds isn’t accurate for this one. It’s fine for practically everybody, but we definitely frown upon manufacturers inflating their specs like that.

There’s no real warranty to speak of. Our more expensive recommendations are backed by solid warranty policies.

XMark Fitness Dip Station

XMark Fitness Dip Station Click for Price

This XMax dip station is our recommendation to the average buyer. It’s more expensive than the Titan, but still very reasonably priced. It’s rugged, well-designed, and ought to last for a very long time. We think this is as much as most users need to spend for something in this category.


It’s very heavy-duty. While the rating is lower, we trust this one more! It’s rated for up to 500 pounds, and we have no trouble believing that. It’s as rugged as you could want, and suitable for absolutely anybody to work with.

It has very large handles that make it a lot comfier for many people to use. These are 2”, as opposed to the 1” or 1.5” handlebars you generally see on dip stations. If you’ve ever found that narrow handles made you uncomfortable, this one is absolutely ideal!

The handlebars are angled slightly to make it comfortable for both men and women. You can easily fit inside and lower yourself without running into clearance problems.

It’s commercial-grade. The grips, bolts, and frame are all extremely well-made and long-lasting. It’s backed by a 1-year warranty, but we don’t think you’re likely to need to use it.

Like the Titan, it’s protective of your hands and floors alike. There are rubber grips along most of the handlebars, and the bottom of the steel frame features rubberized protectors to save your hardwoods.


It costs twice as much as the Titan. We think it’s still quite affordable, but if you’re shopping for your first dip station or sticking to a tight budget, you may want to stick with the Titan.

It’s not quite as good as the Body-Solid, though most users can stick with this one and be perfectly happy. We do prefer the Body-Solid for its lifetime warranty and impeccable construction quality, though.

While many users will find the larger handlebars more comfortable, that won’t be true for everybody. You should try a few dip stations at local gyms to get a feel for the handle size that’s best for you. 2” handles like these are also common on some shoulder or chest-press machines, so check those out if you need perspective.

Body-Solid Commercial Dip Station

Body-Solid Commercial Dip Station Click for Price

We’ve referred to the XMark Fitness model above as being “commercial-grade” and we stick by that assessment. However, when you look around actual commercial gyms and see what they’re using, more often than not it’s this Body-Solid dip station.


More than any single feature, peace of mind is what sets the Body-Solid apart from other dip stations. It’s covered by a lifetime warranty, which is pretty hard to overstate. You can buy this and safely assume you’ll never have to buy another dip station in your life. That’s the key reason we recommend this to any dedicated home workout buffs. It’s expensive, but it’s an incredible investment if you know you’ll get your money’s worth from it!

Not only is it guaranteed to last as long as you need it to, the Body-Solid is simply a great dip station. It has a similar angled design to the XMark, so it’s comfortable for users of all shapes and sizes. You’ve got plenty of room for angled moves, plus clearance for weighted dips.

Construction quality on this one is simply stellar. It’s even better than the XMark, and we have practically no complaints with that model either! The Body-Solid’s handlebars are welded on, which is one key upgrade over the bolted XMark. The powder-coated steel ought to stand up to years of wear without looking any worse for it.

The standing rail has grip tape attached, so you never lose purchase while you’re getting into or out of position. That’s not something that’s included on the XMark.

It’s stable, rock-solid, and reassuring. While there’s nothing much to complain about with the XMark, the fact remains that the Body-Solid simply looks and feels better. It’s hard to find many specific points of difference, but the overall impression is distinctly better. If you spend a lot of your time working out at home, we think you’ll appreciate the quality.


It’s very expensive for a dip station. This one costs twice as much as the XMark, and four times as much as you’d pay for a Titan. We think the spectacular build quality and lifetime guarantee justify the high price, but it’s not a necessary investment unless you’re an ardent home exerciser.

It has smaller handlebars than the XMark, which may or may not be an issue for you. If you’re fine with the standard size, you’ll have no problem with these. They’re no smaller than those on the average gym’s dip station. They’re also superbly gripped.


Which of these dip stations should you buy?

The Titan is the obvious choice if you’re on a tight budget. It’s not as ergonomic, sturdy, or well-executed as our other recommendations, but it gets the job done cheaply and safely. If you can afford to spend more for the XMark, though, we recommend that you do.

The XMark is our recommendation to most buyers. It has the highest weight capacity and is the next best thing to the Body-Solid. Given that that model is twice the price, we think most folks can stick with the XMark and have a similar experience.

The Body-Solid is our ultimate recommendation in this category. We suggest it to any dedicated home exercisers who want the absolute best of the best. It’s very pricey, but it’s built like a tank and guaranteed for life. Don’t feel obligated to spend this much if you only use a dip station occasionally or casually, though.

Buying Guide

Check The Specs

Whenever you buy fitness equipment, it’s super important to do your homework and check all the relevant specs before buying. Be sure to check all the specs that are important to you. Generally speaking, those will be weight capacity, dimensions, and handlebar size.

All the models we recommend are rated for at least 450 pounds. That covers most users handily, but remember to think about weights you might hang from a belt.

You should also measure your space and check the dimensions of any model you consider, to make sure it’ll work around your other equipment. Thankfully, dip stations tend to be a uniform width and that keeps size to a minimum.

Finally, if you know that smaller or larger handles are more comfortable to you, check the measurements on any model you consider to be sure that you get one you’ll enjoy using. This isn’t something novices really need to worry about, but experienced folks probably have preferences in this department.

Decide On Your Budget

Dip stations can cost anywhere from $50 to $300. The most expensive model we recommend costs around $250, depending on current prices and sales. In general, dip stations are quite affordable. Beginners don’t need to spend more than $50 or so to get something basic and sturdy. We usually recommend that dedicated users plan to spend $100-$250 for something heavier-duty and more ergonomic. As you’re deciding how much to spend, think about how much you’re planning to use your dip station, and how much money you can therefore justify spending.

What’s Next

Now that you’ve reached the end of this guide, we hope you know all you need to in order to choose an ideal new dip station for your home gym. You can find out more about any of the models we’ve recommended here by clicking on the links above. Looking for other pieces of equipment to add to your home gym? We’ve got all your fitness needs covered with expert reviews and recommendations of practically everything! Visit our homepage to see all our latest content.