Thanks for visiting our About page! It’s here to help you learn a little more about who we are, what makes us tick, and how our site is different from other fitness sites and periodicals out there. Keep on reading to find out more! If there’s something you’re curious about or a question we haven’t answered here, feel free to get in touch! There’s a convenient form on our Contact page.

What Makes Us Different

We know there are a lot of folks reviewing and recommending fitness equipment these days, from YouTube channels to Reddit forums. We’ve set out to do something different with our site, which we think makes us an invaluable resource for you, the reader. Here’s how we’re special:

We’re independent. The vast majority of channels, blogs, and sites have sponsorship tie-ins with brands and manufacturers. They might legitimately love the products they recommend, but chances are they’ve been influenced by freebies or ad money that keep them from being truly objective. We’re not sponsored by any brand or manufacturer. We feature products from all sorts of brands, choosing the ones that perform the best and offer the best value. That’s it! We look all over the market, from the big name brands to the latest startups. You can count on us to be objective, unbiased, and always on the lookout for something better!

We’re not driven by the flavor of the month. Sure, we’re always excited about innovative new workout gear. However, we aren’t going to recommend something to you if we don’t think it has a proven track record for reliability and a decent amount of research behind its ergonomics. Fitness equipment should be an investment in your health and wellness, not an impulse buy you regret later. That’s why we don’t recommend fad products or anything we don’t think is reliable enough to last a long time.

We’re not professional reviewers, even though we do spend a lot of our time reviewing gear! We’re real people who, just like you, would much rather be outside hiking or busting out reps in the basement than shopping online. We’re here to explain everything we think you need to know to make an informed investment in your fitness–not to promote products from specific companies. We’re not going to speak in marketing lingo, and we’re not going to push you to buy something that’s overkill for your fitness level and needs. If we think you ought to buy the new version, we’ll tell you. We’ll also tell you when you can get the same experience for a lot less money by buying an older model.

Most importantly, we’re here to help you, not to promote products. Of course, we want to make sure you can quickly and easily find equipment that suits your needs and your budget. However, our number one priority is making sure you’ve got the information you need to understand exactly what you’re looking for and how to find it!

Our Team

Andy Bonner: runner, proud dad, and marathon trainee

Dan Gaskin: amateur Olympic lifter, ultimate frisbee player, and adventure junkie

Rachel Myer: girls soccer coach, CrossFit devotee, and former varsity rower