Best Whole-Body Vibration Machine Reviews: Top-Rated Home Platforms For Killer Workouts

Best Whole-Body Vibration Machine Reviews

The best whole-body vibration machines provide you with a versatile platform you can use to take all your exercises to the next level! They help you build strength, improve circulation, and burn fat all in one compact machine.

However, many whole-body vibration machines sold today are dysfunctional, unreliable, or even dangerous. They can’t give you a good workout, let alone keep your body safe while you’re exercising.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to shop for a whole-body vibration machine like a pro. We’ll explain what to look for, how much to spend, and what to avoid. We’ll also introduce you to all our favorite models on the market today!

Read on to see which whole-body vibration machines we currently recommend, and to find out why!

PictureProduct NameDimensions# of Speed SettingsCost
Confidence Fitness Vibeslim Vibration TrainerConfidence Fitness Vibeslim Vibration Trainer31.5" x 17.5" x 6"50 speed settings$
Axis-Plate Whole-Body Vibration Platform Training And Exercise Fitness MachineAxis-Plate Whole-Body Vibration Platform Training And Exercise Fitness Machine27-1/2" x 29"x 48"99 speed settings$$
Confidence Fitness Slim Full-Body Vibration Platform Fitness MachineConfidence Fitness Slim Full-Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine29" x 27.5" x 48"50 speed settings$$$
Power Plate My3Power Plate My330" x 25" x 61"n/a$$$

Best Whole-Body Vibration Machine Reviews

Confidence Fitness Vibeslim Vibration Trainer

Confidence Fitness Vibeslim Vibration Trainer Click for Price

This Confidence platform is the least expensive whole-body vibration trainer we currently recommend. It’s affordable, compact, and a lot more reliable than anything else in its price range. We suggest it to anyone on a budget who isn’t attached to having handlebars or a raised display for standing exercises.


For something inexpensive and compact, it’s quite versatile. You can use it for practically all the same exercises as our nicer recommendations. There are 50 speed settings, plus 3 automatic programs you can use for your workouts. There’s also one manual setting so you can program your own workout preference. For a machine well under $200, that’s a heck of a lot of functionality!

While it doesn’t include handlebars or a raised control panel like more expensive whole-body vibration machines, it still offers lots of options for working your upper body. You can do dips, planks and push-ups using the bare platform, or use the included straps for standing/squatting exercises.

Unlike most other affordable units, this one’s not a rickety piece of junk! It’s very sturdy, and can handle users up to 264 pounds. We’re very impressed with how well-made it is for the price.

There’s a remote control included. That’s handy for a machine without an elevated control panel, since you don’t want your platform getting all cluttered up with buttons. This way, you get all the basics on the platform and a more ergonomic control panel on the remote.

While having a raised control panel is usually the best, we’ve become surprisingly fond of this remote. It’s particularly good for when you’re not facing the platform. For example, when you do planks and rest your feet on the platform, this is extremely handy for controlling things at the other end of your body.

It’s nice and quiet. Most inexpensive models make an almighty racket when you turn them on, but this one’s not going to bother you or your neighbors.

Most importantly, it’s just as reliable as more expensive options. It’s covered by a 1-year warranty, and it has a great track record for long-term performance.


This one’s just a platform. More expensive machines have handlebars and raised displays. Handlebars aren’t absolutely essential, but they are ideal for doing standing and squatting exercises, or things like lunges and one-legged squats. So, this isn’t technically less versatile, but the models below do make a whole bunch of exercises easier to get into.

The Axis-Plate model below includes more speed options (twice as many, in fact). This one still goes about as fast, but you get more precision control of the vibration settings on the Axis-Plate.

Both our pricier picks have nicer control panels. The remote works well on this one, but it’s still a less convenient way to operate your machine when you’re doing standing or squatting exercises.

Axis-Plate Whole-Body Vibration Platform Training And Exercise Fitness Machine

Axis-Plate Whole-Body Vibration Platform Training And Exercise Fitness Machine Click for Price

The Axis-Plate is an excellent midrange option for folks who want something that includes handrails and a raised control panel, without spending so much for the top-notch Confidence model below. The Axis-Plate actually provides the most precise control over vibration settings of all the models we recommend, and offers great value for money.


It has the most precise control of any of the machines we recommend. While both the Confidence Fitness models featured in this guide offer 50 different options for vibration speed (plenty, as far as we’re concerned), the Axis-Plate offers a whopping 100 settings.

It offers full handrails and a raised control panel for a significantly lower price than the Confidence Fitness model we’ve recommended in our top quality slot below. Handrails are super helpful for standing and squatting exercises, especially when you’re just beginning to use your whole-body vibration machine. You can certainly do most of the same exercises on a plain platform such as the model above, but having handrails makes many of them easier to get into.

It offers a lot of the same versatility and power as the Confidence Fitness model below, with 500W of vibration at your control. Considering this one costs ~$50 less and only misses out on 100W, that’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Just like the other models we recommend, it includes three pre-programmed workout settings, as well as a manual control mode.

It comes with two detachable straps for doing upper body exercises. You can use these instead of the handrails or in addition to them. The point is that with this one, you have a lot more options as to where your hands go compared with a simple platform like the model we’ve recommended as our budget pick.

While it might not have as great a reputation for long-term reliability as the Confidence Fitness model below, it’s still built a lot better than anything else in its price range. It’s sturdy and there are very few components that feel cheap in an obvious way.


This one’s quite reliable on the whole, but it’s still not as great an investment in our eyes as the Confidence Fitness models. That’s because those machines are made by a company that makes a wide range of offerings in the fitness equipment market. Confidence Fitness have a solid track record for customer support, warranty coverage, and all those other things you want as well as a great machine.

As far as we know, Axis-Plate is one of many “companies” making cheaper knock-offs of more expensive whole-body vibration machines such as the Confidence Fitness model below. This is the only product they produce, and there’s no real guarantee that the company will be around (not to mention helpful) if something goes wrong with your machine.

We recommend buying an extended warranty policy for that reason. Likewise, the Axis-Plate doesn’t have as good a record for reliability as the Confidence Fitness machine below, which is why we do suggest spending more for that model if you’re able to.

There are some obvious cheap spots. The control panel is one. The cheap material on the platform treads is also rather rigid, so it’s not super comfortable when you have your hands on it for planks. We’d recommend adding a folded yoga mat or something similar.

Definitely has more side-to-side motion than the Confidence Fitness. One of the marks of quality when it comes to whole-body vibration machines is how much you can feel movement as opposed to vibration. The best models vibrate intensely without having too much lateral movement. The more movement you have, the more taxing it is for your joints when you use one of these.

Quality control isn’t stellar. We’ve seen some reports from buyers who received units missing important assembly components.

Confidence Fitness Slim Full-Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

Confidence Fitness Slim Full-Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Click for Price

Our top recommendation for a whole-body vibration machine is currently the Confidence Fitness Slim. It’s essentially an upgraded version of the Axis-Plate model above. You can also think of it as the Confidence platform model above, plus handrails and a raised display. It’s the sturdiest, most powerful, and most reliable model we’ve reviewed in this category to date. We recommend it to anyone who can afford it.


While it’s the most expensive whole-body vibration machine we recommend (we do include a review of the Power Plate below, but we don’t suggest that most folks pay so much), it’s still relatively affordable. It’s a fraction of the cost of Power Plate machines and only $50 or so more expensive than the Axis-Plate.

It’s the sturdiest of the pack. This one’s rated to 300 pounds, and is very well-made. It doesn’t have a perfect track record for reliability, but it’s vastly better than anything else for the price. Unless you’re prepared to drop a few grand on a Power Plate, this is as good as build quality gets.

You can do absolutely any exercises on this thing. In addition to the main platform, it has ergonomic handrails supporting a raised control panel. It also includes two retractable yoga straps to support all sorts of extensions and lunges. Even a Power Plate machine costing several grand doesn’t offer more versatility.

It’s more powerful than the Axis-Plate. Even though that machine offers slightly more precise control over the vibration feature, this one adds a whole other 100W that take all your exercises to another level. It actually cranks out 1.5 HP at full-bore!


This is as good as whole-body vibration machines get, short of spending several thousand dollars on a Power Plate like you’ll find in commercial settings. We don’t think most folks ought to be spending that much. However, if you’ve used whole-body vibration machines before and know you’ll get your money’s worth out of a premium Power Plate model, there’s no denying that they’re better machines.

See Also

Power Plate My3

Power Plate My3 Click for Price

While Power Plate machines are far too expensive for us to recommend to the majority of buyers, they are the gold standard as far as whole-body vibration. These are the setups you’ll find in commercial environments and used by medical professionals. Why spend so much money on a whole-body vibration machine? The quality of the vibration is one reason. These machines keep the lateral movement to an absolute minimum, which saves your joints. They also have multi-directional vibration, so you’re never vibrated too much on one plane. Most folks won’t need to worry about these things, but if you’re dealing with an ongoing medical condition, a Power Plate machine may be worth the extra investment.


Which of these whole-body vibration machines should you buy?

The Confidence Fitness model we looked at first is the obvious choice if you’re on a budget, since it’s less than half as expensive as any of our other picks. It’s powerful, versatile, and reliable. However, the lack of handrails does make it a bit harder to get into certain exercises. If you can afford and have space for something with an upright design, we suggest getting one.

The Axis-Plate is our budget suggestion to folks who want a full-size vibration machine with handrails without paying a premium for the Confidence Fitness Slim. It’s essentially the same design, albeit with less power under the hood and a weaker track record for long-term performance. If you can afford the Confidence Fitness Slim, though, that model is certainly a better investment.

The Confidence Fitness Slim (the model with the handrails and raised control panel) is our recommendation to most buyers. It’s a full-sized, fully-featured model you can use to do practically any exercises. It’s more powerful and more reliable than anything else, short of a $2K+ Power Plate machine.

Finally, if you’re committed to using a whole-body vibration machine and have money to spend, you might have a look at the Power Plate My3. It’s ludicrously expensive for the average person to buy. Having said that, it offers commercial-grade build quality and performance that blows away anything else on the market.

Buying Guide

Here are a few things to think about as you shop

Know How These Machines Work

You should know what to expect before you buy a whole-body vibration machine! They’re not magical devices that exercise your body for you. Rather, they help you make the most of exercises you do on your own/ They amplify muscle contractions, which means you have many more per movement. Every exercise feels more intense and results in greater calories burned/muscle built. So, think of a whole-body vibration machine as a souped-up platform. You want yours to give you the space and grip options to get into any pose or exercise position you need to.

Decide On Your Budget

Whole-body vibration machines can cost anywhere from $25 for the dirt-cheap, crappy models to $2500+ for top-notch, commercial-grade setups. Think about how much you can afford to spend. Plant on sticking with platform-only models under $150. If you want something with a set of handrails and a raised control panel, plan to spend $200+.

What’s Next

We hope we’ve answered all your questions about whole-body vibration machines in this guide. If we’ve missed something, do let us know! We want to make sure we’re as helpful as possible. Drop us a line if you have any questions or have a suggestion to make.

You can learn more about any of the models we’ve recommended by clicking on the links in our reviews. That’s the most convenient way to check current prices, see full spec lists, and so on.

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